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Mecklenburg County Council
Boy Scouts of America
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Date: May 21, 2019

To: Camp Grimes Summer Camp Staff

From: Alan Keiger, Camp Director

Re: Camp Grimes Shuttle Van

In order to provide an additional benefit for our staff members and their families, we have decided to offer the Camp Grimes Shuttle service this season.

We have rented vans for our summer camp program and will be using it also to offer youth staff transportation to and from Charlotte on the weekends. The cost will be $10 per one way trip to offset the cost of the van and gasoline. An adult staff member will be the driver for the shuttle. Please use this form to place your reservation and attach a check for the number of trips you would like to take.

The shuttle will leave Camp Grimes on Saturday about 11:00 am and arrive at the Mecklenburg County Council service center about 12:30. Scouts will call to give time of arrival. On Sundays, the shuttle will leave at 10:00 am from the Council service center and arrive at Camp Grimes about 11:30 am. We have to leave on time. There is no shuttle service during staff week and the last day of camp.

This form is to be turned in during staff week. We do not provide the shuttle during staff week.

Staff Member Name _______________________________________________________

Check DatesDateSignature of parent
June 16 (To Camp)___________________________________
June 22 (From Camp)___________________________________
June 23 (To Camp)___________________________________
June 29 (From Camp)___________________________________
June 30 (To Camp)___________________________________
July 6 (From Camp)___________________________________
July 7 (To Camp)___________________________________

Total Single Trip Van rides ____ x $10 = ____________ (check enclosed) or ____(payroll deduct)

I give permission for my scout to ride in the van__________________________________________________