Camp Coordinator's Checklist

Are you the troop's summer camp coordinator? Here is a checklist to help you to prepare your troop for an exciting week at Camp Grimes.

OctoberMake a reservation for Camp Grimes 2023 and pay the 150.00 deposit.
Older scouts interested in staff positions may start applying for Camp Grimes Staff.
JanuaryPay camper deposits, 20.00 each, due January 17, 2023.
Attend Camp Grimes Program orientation, January 26, 2023, 6:00 pm at the council service center.
FebruaryReview the 2023 Camp Grimes Leaders Guide.
Obtain troop login to Camp Grimes website.
Enter your troop's roster on the Camp Grimes website.
MarchConduct planning sessions with your troop. Use the Summer Camp Program Planner tool on the Camp Grimes website.
Register for merit badge sessions beginning March 24, 2023, on the Camp Grimes website.
AprilSubmit any needed campership applications by April 28, 2023.
MayPay the balance of camper fees, due May 2, 2023.
Conduct troop swim tests, if desired. Enter the test results on your roster on the Camp Grimes website.
Make any last minute changes to troop signup. Note, the signup system is closed two weeks prior to your week at camp.
Add adults who are staying in camp to your camp roster on the Camp Grimes website. Check the days each adult is spending at camp.
Check online cost report and insure your fees and payments are recorded.
If out of council unit, request tour permit and bring a copy to camp.
JuneReview the camp dining hall menu and notify the Camp Director of any dietary restrictions at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival at camp.
Collect and review troop's BSA medical forms, Part A, B1, B2, and C. Insure you have a copy of insurance cards.
Fill out the camp medication log. Bring a copy for the medical officer at camp and keep the original for your use.
Signup adults online for CPR or BSA Lifeguard Training at least two weeks prior to camp.
Have parents complete the permission slips on the Camp Grimes website for the Whitewater program, and the two required for the ATV program.
Arrange for transportation to and from Camp Grimes.
Pay for additional program fees. Refer to your troop cost report on the Camp Grimes website.
Complete the Camp Grimes Check In Sheet on the Camp Grimes website. Bring a copy when you check in.
June/JulyAttend the Scoutmaster / SPL meeting Sunday evening at camp.
Enjoy your week at Camp Grimes Summer Camp !
Complete the Summer Camp survey.

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