Instructions for Uploading Roster Information


Features are available in MyCampGrimes to provide for integration with the MyScouting and Internet Advancement.

Two methods are available to upload your youth roster into MyCampGrimes. In each case, you will upload files containing your troop roster to the site. Files accepted by MyCampGrimes are 1) the "Unit Roster Report" and optionally the "Youth Member Age Report" from MyScouting, or 2) a custom built comma separated value file built to the site's specifications. Once the file is uploaded, you can then make additional changes to any youth record. You should also remember to delete any youth who is not attending summer camp. Refer to the information below for more details on each file upload method.

Camp Grimes will track and record merit badge achievement earned this summer using the MyCampGrimes site. As a result of this, you will be able at the end of your week at camp to download an advancement file which can then be uploaded into Internet Advancement to record your scout's merit badges earned. Youth records in Internet Advancement are matched by the scout's name and member id. In order to match records on MyCampGrimes to the corresponding record in the Internet Advancement system, it is very important to enter the scout's name exactly as it is entered in Internet Advancement, and the scout's member id. The easiest way to obtain exact names and member ids is to upload your roster using method 1, the files from MyScouting. This file contains names exactly as they are in Internet Advancement and member ids.

MyScouting File Download

Two files are available on MyScouting to assist you in getting your troop roster loaded into MyCampGrimes. The first file is the Unit Roster Report and should be loaded first. The second file is the Youth Member age report. This report contains age and rank information which is needed by MyCampGrimes to allow scouts to sign up for restricted merit badges. To load your roster into MyCampGrimes from files downloaded from MyScouting, follow these procedures.

Unit Roster Report (csv file)

  1. A key 3 person (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Chartered Organization Representative) should log in to
  2. Click Menu in the upper left-hand corner. Click the grey bar with your district and unit number on it to expand your unit menu.
  3. Click Member Manager.
  4. Under the heading Roster Details click ALL to show youth and adults together.
  5. On the right-hand side of the screen you will see a row of icons in a white bar. The second icon from the left is a dark blue arrow with a line underneath. Click this arrow.
  6. A new tab will open automatically and display a report of everyone registered in the unit.
  7. To save the report click the bright blue button toward the top of the screen that says Export to CSV.
  8. A message will pop up asking if you are sure you want to download the roster. Click Confirm.
  9. Upload this file to MyCampGrimes by logging in with your troop's id, click the My Roster menu item, and then click Upload Roster.

Youth Member Age Report

  1. On the Roster page (the tab you had open before clicking the blue arrow) look to the left of the white bar and you should see a grey box with a sheet of paper in it.
  2. Click the icon and a message will pop up asking if you are sure that you want to download the Youth member age report.
  3. Click Continue. This should then download a PDF document to your computer.
  4. Upload this file to MyCampGrimes by logging in with your troop's id, click the My Roster menu item, and then click Upload Roster.

Custom Built "Comma Separated Value" file

Use this method to upload a custom built file containing your troop's roster information. This file may be built with a spreadsheet such as excel or any text editor, but must be saved in a comma delimited format. In excel, you can save a file this way by selecting File, then Save As. At the "Save as type" field, select CSV (Comma delimted). Your file must contain the following columns in the order given below

PatrolName, FirstName, MiddleName, LastName, Age at camp, Rank, Youth/Adult (Y or A), Gender (M or F), Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email, Notes

You may leave columns empty for information you do not wish to enter. If any text contains a comma, enclose the entire field with quotation marks (see example). Valid entries for rank are Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, Eagle. Valid entries for Youth/Adult are "Y, y, A, a". If left blank, this field will default to Youth. Valid entries for Gender are "M, m, F, f". If left blank, this field will default to male. Names entered by this method will be added to any names already on your troop roster.

Here are some examples of valid input.

Eagle,Johnny,,Jones,14,First Class,Y,M,123 Main St,Charlotte,NC,28201,555-1234,,SPL
Eagle,Larry,L,"Lewis, Jr",12,Second Class,Y,M,,,,,,,
Adults,Michael,,D'Angelo,,,A,,,,,,234-1234,,Scoutmaster for the week

Once this file is built and stored on your computer, log in to MyCampGrimes with your troop's id, click the My Roster menu item, and then click Upload Roster.