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Camp Alerts

Posted 2019-06-10 12:21:03 by Camp Director

The link to sign up for Camp Alerts has been added to the Camp Grimes website. Look in the Leader Information section.

Campsite Assignments and Dining Hall Menu

Posted 2019-06-07 13:10:25 by Camp Director

Unit campsite assigments, meal shifts, and the Dining Hall menu have been posted on the Camp Grimes website. Look in the Leader Information section.


Camp Payments

Posted 2019-05-15 14:41:32 by Camp Director

The May 1st deadline for final Camp Fee payments has come and gone.  If you have not settled up your account, please do so this week.  This greatly affects our ability to buy supplies and plan accordingly.  If you have any questions or issues about your payments, please reach out to me.  Your cost report is available on the mycampgrimes website under your leader login.  We're coming up on 4 weeks until my staff reports to camp.  Looking forward to seeing you there!  Also, please go in and clear out any Scouts you have on your camp roster that are not coming.  Any Scouts still listed on June 1 will charged to your cost report.  Campsite and meal shift assignment will be posted before the end of the week.  Thanks again and let me know if you have any questions.



Camp Updates

Posted 2019-05-09 13:39:46 by Camp Director

Camp staff reports to camp one month from tomorrow!  We're excited.  Please go into your rosters and delete any Scouts that are NOT coming to camp with you this summer.  Any Scouts still on a roster on June 1 will fall directly into the council's refund policy, which is available on the home of the mycampgrimes website.

Also,  please continue to remove Scouts from waitlisted classes and into available classes.  We have increased class sizes as much as possible and added classes where have the capacity to do so.  

Don't forget that you can submit your Swim Test records via the website as well.  Also, if you have any Scouts with food allergies or other dietary needs, please fill out the Request for Special Diet needs also on the homepage of the website under the information for parents heading.  These need to be sent to camp 2 week prior to your Troop's arrival.  Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

Camping Committee Chair

Posted 2019-05-09 08:10:45 by Joe Culpepper

I have been helping Alan with merit badge scheduling.  We have added many classes and expanded some.  We are assigning campsite and setting up tents to meet the scouts and adults shown in the system.

We need you to:

  • Add the names and days your adults will be in camp.
  • Move scouts from wait list to open merit badge classes.  Welding, Metalworks, rifle and Shotgun classes cannot be expanded because of national limits on class size.  Some water classes are also locked.
  • Delete scouts you have in the system who are not attending camp this year.  If they are not dropped by you, you will loss the deposit for them.
  • Select your session 7 troop activities.

Get ready to have a geat summer camp.


Merit Badge Wait Lists update

Posted 2019-04-12 11:32:26 by Camp Director

We have gone in and now opened new or expanded classes to accamodate as many as we can due to space and resources available.  At this time, you need to begin moving any Scouts on a wait list into other classes. Also, please remove any Scouts that you have registered and know are not coming to camp this summer.  In some cases, we have open up classes that will require some volunteer help from Scout leaders during your week of camp, especially with out Trailblazer program.  Please reach out with any any questions.



2019 Registration update

Posted 2019-03-22 14:06:02 by Joe Culpepper, Council Camping Chair

Thanks for starting the registration process this morning.  Our system is an inner-active system.  We set up a base class schedule for each week.  Once you enter your scout requests, some classes fill up.  You wait list the scouts so we know what classes need to be added.  We wait about two weeks to allow all scouts to be entered and them we start to expand classes and add classes as requested by your scouts.  At that point, some scouts will be placed in a class they requested from the wait list.  For others, classes will be added in to other periods and scouts' schedules can be reworked by you to put them in the classes they want.


Posted 2019-03-22 09:03:50 by Camp Director

Registration for MBs has begun!  Please remember that certain MBs will not show up unless you include the Scout's rank and birthday.  

Swimming Attire

Posted 2019-03-01 13:34:16 by Alan Keiger, Camp Director

A lot of folks have been asking about what will be allowed as swimming attire on our waterfront this summer.  We have adopted the same guidelines that are used at Sea Base.  These guidelines apply to participant, leaders and staff.  The guidelines are as follows-

Swimming Attire for all Scouting participants: Swimsuits should be comfortable, functional and modest. For males, swim trunks or board shorts are appropriate. Tight fitting swim briefs or swim bottoms short enough to allow exposure are not allowed. For females, bikinis are not allowed. Modest tankinis or one piece swimsuits are appropriate.

Message Board Test

Posted 2019-01-30 14:56:06 by Alan Keiger, Camp Director

One last reminder that our 2019 Camp Grimes Program Preview and Kickoff is tomorrow night beginning at 6:30.  If you have not already registered, please click the following link to register.

Topics will include: Nightly Activities; Merit Badge registration; meet a few staff members; instruction for on line MB registration, etc.